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Please find a list of videos listed below.    Many are listed under the names of Virtual KALs we have hosted in our Zoom Room.  Scroll down for a few "General Subject Matter Videos" also.

For information for how to get into our Zoom Room, please call the store at 515-963-0396, email us at, check us out on Facebook, or subscribe to our newsletter. 

Helpful videos for how to conquer those tough stitches are linked underneath the name of the KAL and will bring you to our YouTube channel.

Current KALs

Previous KALs

Cocoknits KAL
This knit-a-long featured the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop book.

Splatter Paint KAL
This knit-a-long featured the Splatter Paint scarf/wrap by Shaina Bilow. 

Pattern: Splatter Paint by Shaina Bilow

View our YouTube Splatter Paint KAL playlist of these videos to watch the videos in order on our YouTube channel, or select an individual video to watch.

Mesh Stitch
Star Stitch

Together Apart KAL
This knit-a-long featured the Together Apart shawl by Melanie Berg.

Pattern: Together Apart Shawl by Melanie Berg

Check out our YouTube Together Apart KAL playlist to view all of these videos in order on our YouTube channel.

Lace Bind Off
Adding a Lifeline
Double YO stitch
KFBF stitch
LC and RC stitches
P1K1 in Double YO stitch
SK2P stitch

Other Helpful Videos
How to Fix a Cable in Knitting

Specifically how to fix a section of your work, without tearing it all out.

Slip Slip Purl through Back Loop

Specifically for the South Falls cowl by Kay Hopkins, but helpful for other patterns as well.

A Tidy Bind-off in Knitting, Jean's Demo
Jean shows how to keep the last stitch of your bind-off from sticking out.